July 16, 2007

beautiful vitamins

My sweet corn really took off this past week. It may not have been "knee high by the 4th of July", but it made it "waist high by mid-July".

There will be a torrent of tomatoes soon - brandywines, golden yellow, red zebra, and purple cherokees. (I counted over 150 green tomatoes already set on -yowzas!)

So far we're eating: basil, beans, beets, red currant tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, strawberries, yellow zucchini, and fennel.
Beautiful...and delicious.

The chokecherries are starting to ripen. I'm giving the birds a run for their money, now that I've got the bushes netted. Hopefully I'll be able to pick enough for a modest batch of jelly. Grandma Johnson (as we called my father's mother) always made chokecherry jelly and gave a box of it to each of her nine (!) children at Christmastime. Since she passed away, chokecherry jelly has become a precious commodity in our family. Nothing compares to chokecherry jelly - it is a uniquely tart, yet deep flavor.

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