September 10, 2006

Most noteable change in the last two weeks:

Before I left, we were still having 100-degree days and Fall was just a whisper under the wind. Now the wave of Autumn is breaking all around - it was 40 degrees yesterday, cool and misty. I even had to get out my boots, as my trusty Chacos were just too chilly for my toes. And a sweater and a coat, for walking outside. I am ready for the fall, but regret to have missed the moment of tipping from one season to another. I'm sure we'll still have a few summery days yet, though.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are very nice... they almost transport you into the atmosphere of the day they were taken in some odd fashion. They're everyday pictures, but they're those kind of days that make you appriciate life in general.


emily said...

Thanks, Kate. That's so nice to hear.