August 14, 2006

relief, finally

I'm mostly pretty optimistic in general, but as each day passed without rain, my hope was drying up. The first day of relief was Tuesday. I was cleaning my studio and noticed a funny little cloud to the East, so I grabbed my camera and went out to take a picture.
Then I turned to the west and saw the thunderhead moving in. The light turned yellow and green and glowing. The towering dark formation was such a contrast, moving in on the blue sky and scattered white wispy clouds. Oh, it was dramatic and wondrous! The first drops of rain were sparse but gigantic. It briefly turned to hail and then settled into a nice downpour.
As the storm passed on, the wind started blowing out of the East and the storm clouds were splendid, lit by the setting sun, luminous in orange and pink.
Mom and dad pulled in just as the rain was stopping, with the new chute (it will get its OWN blog entry). Mom took one look at me and said, "I knew you'd be drenched!". I just can't bear to take cover from the rain - it seems ungrateful somehow.
It has sprinkled every evening since, and though the week's worth probably doesn't even add up to an inch and is hardly going to turn the tides of this drought, it sure as hell feels good.

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