July 11, 2006

Max the Minx

A new arrival on the ranch:

A little bobcat (or Minx, rather).

I heard him whining at my parents' house in town as we were leaving for our family reunion. So I put some food for him in the garage and told him if he stuck around til I got back, I'd take him out to the ranch with me. He was nowhere in sight when we returned...but then later that evening, mom and dad and adam showed up, with Max.

He and Gus went a few rounds that night and the next morning Max was nowhere to be found. I had heard him howling out in the trees in the middle of the night and figured he was gone for good. But then this morning he was outside whining for attention. He is pretty fierce, can definitely hold his own, but is absolutely starved for attention. Now I have two animals underfoot, following me everywhere...it is kind of cute.


emily said...

I'm not sure where I picked up the term 'Minx', but it turns out that actually the proper name is 'Manx'.

Alex Mahan said...