June 15, 2006

THIS morning

I don't have a clock, really, except on my computer. I am getting pretty good at knowing the time, when I wake up in the morning, from the way way the light looks. But this morning had me fooled. I figured it was around 6:00, maybe a bit earlier...it was 5:15. When was the last time I got up that early because I was actually awake then and WANTED to?? Um...kind of never.

I went outside to feel the morning, and this is what it looked like:


Azure said...

5:15 in the morning is secretly the best time of day.

Anonymous said...

Morning, as I've always said, is the best time of day.

I am so glad we can see and read about you now Emily! I may have been a little worried. Glad you have Gus. And kitties. Reading you write "kitty kitty kitty kitty" in a little voice made me laugh out loud.

Keep it up.

Sunny said...

How do I get my name to appear?? (Sunny)

Sunny said...